Thursday, September 15, 2005

Red Mt. Snoqualmie Pass 9.15.05

I only had a half day for climbing this week, so I chose something that would get me home early. I took the Commonwealth Basin Trail which was in fine shape. The weather was perfect and I had good legs so I made great time to Red Pond. I had passed a climber's trail just before the pond but I was curious if there might be a route leaving from Red Pass. Upon reaching Red Pass I could see that it would be possible but I was sure it would be much easier via the climber's trail. I backtracked to the my jump off point and dropped pack. The climber's trail is fairly easy to follow, there is quite a danger of rockfall however. I would not want to do this route with alot of climbers on it. About 200ft before the summit I crowned myself pretty hard on a branch. I didn't even see it as I was taking my upstep and drove my head straight into it. I am quite sure my head gave more ground than the branch. I sat down for a minute to collect myself before finishing off the summit. The views from the top are quite stunning, I could even see the cave in which I am sure Cave Ridge derives it's name. I backtracked down to my pack and had some lunch in some nice warm sun. On the way down I passed the only people I had seen in the entire day. It was the 4th time we had crossed paths during the day. I am sure they were sick of seeing me.

3300ft of climb 4:30 car to car

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