Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Badlands 6245', Painter's Thumb 6744' 9.21.10

 I was very happy to see a improved weather forecast and since I had an entire day I thought I would give the legs a good stretch. The main goal was Painter's Thumb which is just West of Painter Creek and can be attempted in a variety of ways. While the Peak itself poses no special problems it is defended by sheer distance. The shortest route is via Hatchery Creek and that is still 18+ miles and because of the ups and downs of the route has 7100' of climb. Using Chiwaukum Creek would be longer but it doesn't have nearly as much vertical. Since the Badlands trail nearly goes overtop the high point of The Badlands I thought this would be the route of choice for this day. I was happy to see some piercing sun when I arrived at the Hatchery Creek Trailhead. In fact I took a picture of my shadow since it seems to be such a rare sight for me of late.

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