Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Scout Lake ( Hansen Creek Drainage) 4.9.13

I have been doing some exploring of the Hansen Creek drainage of late and I was hoping to do Abiel Peak via this drainage. I was able again to only drive as far as the tressel on the Hansen Creek Road. I was surprised that there was another rig already parked. I decided to switch back to my winter boots since I was going to do the bulk of the day off the packed road. The weather was cloudy but thankfully dry and the temps were pleasant. I stayed in shorts and a light coat for the balance of the day. I had some appointments in the morning so I didn't park until a little after noon.

I booted the rapidly thawing road until just BEFORE the road crosses Hansen Creek. There is a spur road heading South that I had spied in my previous recent visits. Here the snow was untracked deep and wet so I switched to snowshoes. The road is moslty open but typical for this time of year there are numerous small creek crossing that are unnerving to cross over snow bridges. At the end of the road I angled higher to the more open slopes that I was able to see from the other side of the valley on my previous trips. I was able to find mostly open travel with the only defense being the heavy wet snow and a few more tedious creek crossings. Finally I reached the end of the open area and entered the mature forest. Some of the trees were very large adding a great deal of character to the route. In the drip line of the trees I found better snow conditions but I now I had to deal with the dripping trees. Seeing that I wasn't going to be able to make all the way to Abiel I was trying to find some motivation to continue. I hadn't been to Scout Lake before so I thought that would be a nice place to visit. I continued climbing until I thought I was about the same elevation as the lake and I began traversing looking for the lake. After finding an end to open areas that had appeared to be a likely spot for a lake I was stymied. I retraced my steps and climbed a bit higher before I was able to intersect the lake. I was thankful that I had continued because the lake was beautiful and I was able to see that my intended route to Abiel was a go. After a hasty lunch I retraced my steps to the car

Approx 6.5 miles 4 hours car to car 1900 ft of climb


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