Tuesday, August 23, 2011

West Peak of Cabin Mt....... I think 8.23.11

I only had a short day and with the rainy weather yesterday I nixed doing Phelps due to not wanting to get overly soggy. I thought some more exploring on the South Side of  I-90. I was hoping to do Snowshoe and Bearpaw Buttes. I tried to access via the Easton Side but was stopped by the bridge being out. So I backtracked by using the Stampede Pass route. I didn't have a map coming from this side so I was never quite sure where I was exactly at. I finally gave up trying to find my intended targets and parked with the intention of giving the dog a walk. I walked the driveable road climbing the whole way until I decided that the point above me had enough prominence to at least give it a shot. I left the road and made my way up the dense huckleberry brush. After a couple hundred feet I reached the ridgeline to find an imposing rock summit. I scouted around before settling on a 3rd class crack that led to the top. It appeared that it was nearly equal to the summit to my East and a bit short of another point even further East. While I can't be sure it does look like it was the Western Peak of Cabin Mountain. I retraced my steps and soon found myself back at the car.

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