Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mt Washington 4.3.12

I had a small window of time so I wanted something close. I had hoped to make my way up to Change Peak since I hadn't climbed it before. I had hoped to take advantage of the trench laid by a fellow climber. I had read the dire forecast for the deluge that was forecasted but when I got up it was pleasant and better yet dry. I had a few obligations to attend to and by the time I was ready to leave the downpour had arrived. I fully expected and was prepared to get soaked, but since the weather had cooled so drastically I held out the hope that I would be able to hit snow short order. It was raining as I suited up at the trailhead but as soon as I started out it stopped and stayed that way for the entire day. In fact it was downright pleasant out. I guess the old adage " you never know until you try" holds true.

   It has been some time since I did any real climbing so I wasn't overly optimistic to make any blazing times. When I reached the junction for Change Peak I started a short ways up only to be rebuked by the deep heavy snow. After floundering a short ways I decided the pounded trench to Washington would be much more enjoyable and for me doable. I plugged away until I reached the dreaded steep portion at the head of the basin. It appears that most of the trench layers had thought better of the steep portion and only one set of prints kept on. The person booted it making their trail useless to me and my heft. Thankfully I was able to find a base layer 18 inches down taking some of the hardship out of the climb. I wanted dearly to make it back in time to put the kids to bed. I only had 500' to go but at my snail's pace I knew I couldn't have both a summit and family time. I retreated and enjoyed a nice walk out. I had climbed Mt. Washington before and I didn't remember it being nearly as long. I was surprised to be taxed a bit more than expected.

All and all it was good to be out.

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