Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The aftermath of the ICE Storm

   I am surprised beyond belief of the staggering amount of time I have spent cleaning up after last month's Ice Storm. While the day itself was peaceful and beautiful until things started falling from the sky. Thankfully not much damage was done. While I have spent nearly 20 hours to this point on the clean up, I do see some light at the end of the tunnel. I still have rougly 15% left to clean up and then the monumental task of burning what is left . I usually measure my piles in the amount of beer I will consume in the effort of burning it. Most years I only have 6 pack piles and rarely do I have to invest in a 12 pack. This year I will start with a case and see how it goes. I feel very fortunate that we escaped any real damage, enjoy the photos. It is also of note that my lot is only 50' wide and the damage was confined to only the back yard. Nearly all of the limbs came from just 2 of the trees in my yard. I don't really feel like the pictures truly convey the size of the pile


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