Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Tiger Montian 5 summit half marathon 10.15.13

Despite the stellar weather I was not able to get out of work long enough to do a trip more suitable for these bonus days of sun.  Wanting to at least get out and stretch the legs I again stayed close to home. I parked at the gate on Tiger Mt. Road. I set off staying right at the first junction. I climbed on the road until I eventually made it over Middle Tiger. Dropping down the short ways to a spur road that connects with the main line. I headed up the steep road climb to West Tiger. I dropped off West Tiger heading to the warming hut. Nice views from the hut. I dropped on the road until I reached junction and headed up to West Tiger 2.  Dropped on overgrown trail heading towards Poo Poo. I reached 15mile Gap and then climbed rather steeply over the summit of 15Mile knob and then on to Poo Poo. Nice views again at Poo Poo.  Paragliders suiting up for a jump and another duo enjoying the waning rays.

  I did want to hang out to watch the Paragliders launch but I had some ways to go and I did want to make it home in time for family dinner.  I turned on the tunes for the balance, closing the loop back at the car

13+ miles 4:32 car to car 3400' of climb.

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