Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A washout of a day 2.21.12

With the rapidly deteriorating conditions in the mountains I still wanted to get out. It was very apparent that climbing was out of the question with the extreme avalanche conditions. I certainly didn't want to tempt fate especially since there were two separate fatality incidents in the past few days. I thought a low elevation road walk would be a fit for this day. I did have to contend with the warm monsoon like rains but I can deal with that. I was not overly surprised that I-90 was closed due to the hazardous conditions. I waited nearly an hour for the road to open. I attended to some pressing issues that thankfully I could take care of using my phone.

  Back underway the weather was as advertised warm wet and windy, not the three W's that I was looking for. I was happy to see the rain turn to sleet at the pass. I surmise the weather was a bit cooler than expected keeping the snow level from raising as high as I had feared. Since the rain was not showing any sign of slowing I did some exploring in the Easton area. While not a thing other than burning a half tank of gas was accomplished , it was good to get some perspective on the other aspects of my life. Hopefully things will settle soon . I did see many slides on both sides of I-90 many of which were substantial.

Good day to stay in the car.

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