Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Proctor Creek Wanderings 2.27.12

   Not having much time this week I wanted something short and close to home. I haven't spent any time in the Proctor Creek drainage so I thought some exploring was in order. Looking at my maps it looked like I could use logging roads to access Haystack Mountain leaving just outside of Gold Bar. After spending too much time looking for my road only to find that it doesn't seem to exist I was forced to use some resources on the go. Thankfully I was able to find a good trip report on my phone and I headed up Forest Road 62. I was off my map and I stopped too soon and made my way a mile or so down a logging road only to have it abruptly end. I quickly retraced my steps and drove further up #62 until I crossed Proctor Creek on a large concrete bridge. I parked at the gated spur road on the right side just after the bridge. The road was plowed making for easy walking. After a mile and a half the road was no longer plowed and I resisted putting on snowshoes. I walked another half mile before my time ran out. I quickly made it back to the car and made my way home.

Approx 6 miles

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