Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mailbox Peak 9.28.10

With an emotional week and a compressed time frame I was looking for something closer. I needed something efficient and with some elevation gain. Mailbox was the perfect fit for this day. I had hoped for some good weather so I could run the ridge to reach West Defiance (Dirtybox) which is on the Homecourt 100 and I haven't climbed as of yet. The weather was wet and very humid so I packed up some extra layers to ward off the wet. Since I was going to be on a popular trail I off loaded some extra weight that I usually carry. Even with the lower weight couldn't offset my heavy heart. It has been almost 8 years since I have done a trip with only one of my dogs. Last week's lost Beagle didn't turn up and since I had more than one report of him along side Hy 2, I finally resigned myself to the fact that I have lost my faithful partner. Since I had been keeping myself busy at work I hadn't really dealt with the loss. On Sunday before work I decided to look through years of pictures to make a folder commemorating a dog's fine life. This provided an emotional two days that took a lot out of me. Undaunted I pushed on.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Dogs Life 9.26.10

Here is the Link:


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Badlands 6245', Painter's Thumb 6744' 9.21.10

 I was very happy to see a improved weather forecast and since I had an entire day I thought I would give the legs a good stretch. The main goal was Painter's Thumb which is just West of Painter Creek and can be attempted in a variety of ways. While the Peak itself poses no special problems it is defended by sheer distance. The shortest route is via Hatchery Creek and that is still 18+ miles and because of the ups and downs of the route has 7100' of climb. Using Chiwaukum Creek would be longer but it doesn't have nearly as much vertical. Since the Badlands trail nearly goes overtop the high point of The Badlands I thought this would be the route of choice for this day. I was happy to see some piercing sun when I arrived at the Hatchery Creek Trailhead. In fact I took a picture of my shadow since it seems to be such a rare sight for me of late.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lanham Lake, Jim Hill Mt. 9.14.10

I haven't had the best of the weather lately so I did the only sensible thing one can do in this situation...... I bought new rainpants. The last few trips proved to be too much for my old ones so a replacement was in order. True to form the weather forecast was stellar for Tuesday. When I woke I was suprised it was cloudy thinking I might be in for another wet trip I pressed on. Thankfully after leaving Monroe the clouds broke and I was treated to some sunshine. I was so happy I let out a yell that scared the dogs. I knew I needed dry weather to make this trip go. The plans was to use the standard North Spur Route of Jim Hill. I parked near the Lanham Lake Trail, this was an added bonus because I had never been on this trail. I probably looked as I was staying a few nights with my bloated pack. I knew the route above Lanham was steep and I was unsure how I would handle the initial portion of the East Ridge. Since I was solo I wasn't leaving anything to chance I brought everything. The weather couldn't have been more ideal as I made my way to the lake. The trail did have some brushy areas so I was glad for the drier weather. I was able to make the lake in 45 minutes. I was surprised by the healthy surface action, the trout were all on top feeding, I was also surprised by the lakes lack of appeal. It was much smaller than I expected and not very scenic. I was also taken back by the fact that the outlet had no water flowing in it. It seemed strange since there was decent flow at the Mill Creek Road crossing. I found a nice sunny spot to have a snack, I gave some serious thoughts about just planting myself and enjoying the warm sun.

Monday, September 13, 2010

!!!!!! 1000 HIts !!!!!

Well a little more than 2 weeks in and 1000 page views! I wasn't sure what to expect but this has been a fun experience. I still have many years of reports to enter and indexed but the base is set. Once I get the reports all entered I will start with adding pictures and maps linked to the reports. Revenue has started but still not much more than a cup of coffee. If at some point if I could make enough to pay for gas for my trips I will be most pleased. My biggest hope is that this site can and will be used for those looking for beta for trips in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness Area.

Good reading everyone and don't be shy about clinking links:)


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bill's Peak 9.7.10

 The weather hasn't been my friend of late, the last two outings resulted in no summits and very wet gear. I monitored the weather all week and it looked like once again I was in for a wet outing. I tried to make the best of it by doing something in Teanaway and hoped for the "Teanaway Effect" that has served me well in the past. Since Bill's Peak is one of the few remaining victims in the area, I thought I would roll the dice and see if the weather gods would afford me a break.

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