Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Index Creek Revisited 3.20.12

    After last week's aborted trip up Index Creek I thought I would give it another go. The avy danger was high so a low lying hike was a safer choice. After re-reading some reports I parked at the proper spot. There is a parking spot just before the Skylandia Bridge that I used. Once over the bridge there is a old overgrown road on your left. The trail in the beginning in nondescript and was mostly underwater. The going improves shortly and the trail appears to have enough travel to ward off the encroaching brush. Snow started about a mile in and was heavy wet snow. I switched to snowshoes after growing weary of sinking so deeply in the heavy snow. The going became more challenging with many of the trees bent over from the heavy snow. After crossing the feeder creek on a snow covered bridge the terrain rapidly degrades. It appears to be damaged by heavy runoff . The disjointed road bed along with the deep snow made it tough to find good footing. I pushed on crossing a large log over one of the washouts. I had a hard time getting up onto the log because of the snow covered voids around the log. After crossing the log I pushed on for a short ways until the brush increased. Without a specific destination in mind it made it difficult to muster any impedance to continue. I retreated and enjoyed the opportunity to have another day out.

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