Monday, January 16, 2012

Snowy Cougar Mt. 1.16.12

   I was really looking forward to having the kids off today from school. I was hopeful another outing with them out in the hills. With the suddenly snowy weather only stoking my desire to get them out, my oldest decided that she wanted to climb Cougar Mt. I have very fond memories of a previous trip when she was able to summit on her own power. My fondest memory was when we came across a sign for Longview Peak and I wasn't able to dissuade her from bagging her second peak of the day. I was hopeful the roads were passable and thankfully they were easily navigated. After our customary stop for Gatorade and snacks we were  off for the short drive to the trailhead just off of SR 900. The weather was chilly and the snow had stopped. There was about an inch covering the trail making for some slick footing. I chuckled to myself as the 4 year old took the lead and set a stiff pace. It sure is a joy to watch those little legs "power up the steeps". As is customary the little one lost interest and I had to resort to my ruse of promising hot chocolate if the summit is realized. In this case I was sure that the summit would be too much so my hope was just some time well spent with my girls. After a mile the little one decided that she had enough and we had a family meeting to decide to what course of action to take. The oldest was dead set on continuing because she wanted to add another entry to her Peakbagger summit page. In the end I felt like it was probably best to head back. The kids each fell once and they were quick to recover. I was pure joy to be out with my girls and to see there smiling faces all bundled up to ward off the chill.

Approx 2 miles 400' of climb 60 minutes car to car
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