Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thompson Point 6.19.12

Once again the weather didn't look promising and I didn't feel like driving a long ways to find some sun. I was very tempted to join Fletcher in is attempt of Dragontail and Witches Tower but in the end I didn't really wanted to get up at 2am to make that happen. I decided to head up Granite Lakes road that I had done the week before to see if I could get to Revolution Peak. The weather was thankfully warmer and drier than last week's outing.

Wilderness Peak (Cougar Mt)

My oldest daughter's last day of Kindergarten was on Monday and I was blessed to be able to attend her graduation. Another milestone passed, amazing how fast the kids are growing. When we returned I wasn't feeling like doing anything but the kids both wanted to go on a hike. Usually I have to prod them to go and very rarely can I get them to both want them to go at the same time. They both were very adamant about wanting to get out and they even agreed that they both wanted to go to Cougar Mt.

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