Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wilderness Peak (Cougar Mt)

My oldest daughter's last day of Kindergarten was on Monday and I was blessed to be able to attend her graduation. Another milestone passed, amazing how fast the kids are growing. When we returned I wasn't feeling like doing anything but the kids both wanted to go on a hike. Usually I have to prod them to go and very rarely can I get them to both want them to go at the same time. They both were very adamant about wanting to get out and they even agreed that they both wanted to go to Cougar Mt.

   After a short stop for refreshments we were at the trailhead. The weather was cool and threatening and I figured we would go a short ways and the kids would decide that a warm dry home would be more fun. Much to my surprise they both kept a tidy pace and despite the rain we had the summit in sight. I was very proud when we were able to make the summit and my oldest eagerly signed the summit register for the whole family. I had to grin that some of the people we passed on the way were complementary to the kids and their ability to make the summit despite their young age. I treated the kids to some hot chocolate on the way home. After a well deserved dinner we sat together to enter the summit on their climbing page. I can't tell you how proud I am to be able to look at their growing pages. It seems like this summer may be a good season on the trail.

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