Thursday, September 8, 2005

Rachel Lake 9.8.05

I was hoping for a summit of Hibox Mt. I know there is a climber's trail that leaves the Rachel Lake Trail at around 3300ft. I was dismayed to see that the trailhead had seen some serious car vandalism in the not so distant past. There was broken car glass everywhere. The weather was quite sunny and pleasant as I made my way up the easy grade to my jump off point. I left the trail where there is a well defined trail that leads through the forest at a moderate grade. At about 3700ft the pitch turns to much more of a scramble. I had no problem following the trail but I had more problems with the mental side. I just couldn't muster the desire to complete the remaining 2500ft of climb. I wasn't in the mood for such a steep climb. I backtracked to the Rachel Lake trail and ended up at Rachel Lake. I was quite content to mearly sit on a rock for 90 minutes just soaking up the sun and scenery. I think I need a little relaxation more than another summit bagged. I will surely return to visit Hibox's summit which I am quite sure has some close and upfront views of Three Queens and the Lemah-Chimney Rock group.

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