Thursday, September 22, 2005

Moolock Mt 9.22.05

With again only a half day this week I was forced to find something close. I chose Moolock Mt. (pt 4965) which lies between Green Mt. and South Bessemer. Although Moolock only ranks a lowly #96 on the Homecourt 100 it does provide nearly 4500ft of climb because of the low footings of the Middle Fork Valley. I had previously attempted this peak with snowshoes and only made it to the summit area before I turned back. Today's conditions were ideal, sunny and temps in the low 60's. The plan was to use the CCC road to access the logging roads that flank most of this area. I had a very tight schedule so I left the logging road and climbed in the open and easy forest saving much needed time. Around 2100ft I rejoined the road and followed it to the saddle between South Bessemer and Moolock. I dropped pack and had a quick lunch while enjoying the warm sun. I continued on the road until I reached and adit where I headed onto the more northern side where there is another logging road that takes you directly towards Moolock. It does drop some elevation but it is the most direct line. I continued on this road until I was nearly under the summit. I left the road and climbed on the rockslide to reach the East ridge. The first part of the rockslide is very unstable but further up the going was quite enjoyable. I followed the East ridge without too trouble easily reaching the open summit in 3 hours from the car. I only had a few moments to enjoy the summit before I had to start the descent. I jogged most of the way out and made it out with time to spare.

4450ft of climb 5:15 car to car

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