Monday, August 15, 2005

Jolly Mt 8.18.05

I had some grand plans for some multiple summitting, but when I awoke at 6am to some drizzle I knew my day would be pared down. I wasn't opposed to hiking in the rain but I first had to make sure all the tarps that are serving as my roof while we remodel were not leaking. I was very happy to find our intricate tarp system was keeping the inside of the house dry. I got a much later start than what I was hoping for, but at least the weather was improving. I used road 4315 which takes you to near 5000ft before it is gated. I parked and headed up the road until I met with the Sasse Mt Trail. I followed this to the junction of the Jolly Mt trail and followed it to the summit. Jolly Mt's summit is adorned with a beautiful windbreak which I very thankfully used. I returned to the trail and continued on the Jolly Creek trail towards The Lourvre (Pt. 6394). I decided on not going any further and retreated to the truck.

approx 6 miles 1900ft of climb and 3 hours car to car.

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