Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Bare Mt 8.24.05

I was hoping for a summit of Canoe Pk which lies just east of Bare Mt. At 5706 ft. Canoe ranks at #49 on the Home Court 100. My plan was to leave the Bare Mt. trail at the start of the first switchback and follow the miner's trail to Bear Lakes and reach the ridgeline from there for what I expected to be an easy walk to the summit. I reached the trailhead after 1pm but I knew I would have plenty of daylight. I was much suprised that it was raining when I set off. I knew that the Bare Mt. trail is very brushy just before my jump off point and only gets worse for some time after leaving trail. In reading the notes that the ranger had left posted I was very happy to read that the trail had been recently brushed. Trail crews had done a great job in clearing a large swath keeping me mostly dry. Upon reaching the miner's trail it was another story. I had come down this trail on a previous trip so I was somewhat familiar with the trail, the first part is the hardest to follow but in reaching the forest becomes quite defined. When I reached the rockslide I just followed the steel cable that points the way to the mine higher up on the hillside. When I reached the mine I looked at the steeper parts above me remembering that there is a part that features a rope to help climb up. I was as wet as one could be and the weather had stopped raining but looked more ominous by the moment. I didn't want to get caught soaking wet on a exposed ridge, so I decided to backtrack to the Bare Mt. trail. As I made my way back I couldn't decide whether or not to return to the truck or climb to the former site of Bare Mt. Lookout. I was much suprised that upon reaching the trail I started the climb without any hesitation. I mean I could only get drier as I climbed. Even though I was wet and somewhat cold my legs were very strong as I zoomed to the summit. At around 4600ft the dogs started flushing quite a few birds, nearly catching them in the process. As I neared the summit some weak sun shone through giving some much needed warmth. I love the vantage point of this summit high above Paradise Lakes, I have many great memories from these lakes as well as Kanim Lake to the east. I only stayed a short time to eat lunch and catch whatever sun I could. On the descent I was shocked to see Tanner actually catch one of the birds. I felt so badly yet I couldn't help but chuckle at Tanner he really didn't seem to know what to do with the bird after he had caught it but seemed very proud of himself. I made it back to the truck 5:30 after starting doing 4000ft of climb.

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