Thursday, August 11, 2005

Lux Mt. Sopwith Camel 8.11.05

With only little more than a half day to devote to climbing I wanted to squeeze a double summit in. I chose these obscure peaks because of their easy access via the Tunnel Creek Trail. I do not know of any other trail that so easily gives access to the ALWA. As I made my way through Monroe I was treated some nice drizzle but as I made my way up Hy 2 the weather became drier and drier. The road to the Tunnel Creek Trail starts about 200 yards after Hy 2 becomes divided. The road climbs steeply but is in great shape. I passed Hope Lake and continued on the PCT until the saddle above Swimming Deer Lake. There is a distinct fisherman's trail that drops steeply to the lake. I found a great campsite at Swimming Deer but I only stayed for a moment because I had a schedule to keep. I reclimbed nearly all of the fisherman's trail leaving it when it strayed from my next objective of Lux Mt. I zig-zagged my way up the moderate slopes until I reached the summit block. There is a ledge that leads around the West side to easier climbing. There are little views from Lux only it's inclusion into The Back Court 100 (#83) make it a worthy climb. I retraced my route back to the saddle and was on to Mig Lake to give the dogs some water. I passed a man who was doing the entire PCT solo, He had started in mid April and was a little worse for wear. I tried to bolster his drive as much as I could. After the dogs tanked up at Mig Lake I was off to my second goal of the day, Sopwith Camel Mt. I easily made my way to the small pond between Mig Lake and Sopwith and dropped pack. I had no problem reaching the 5040ft summit which ranks it a lowly #89. I had a slight navigational problem on the way out when I reached Mig Lake before I reached my pack. I had to backtrack until I thankfully refound my belongings. I was happy to see quite a few groups enjoying the much improved weather as I steamed back to the truck.

approx 10 miles and 3400ft of climb 5:15 car to car

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