Wednesday, June 9, 2004

White Pine Creek 6.9.04

I was hoping for a summit try of Jim Hill Mt.. I had never used the Whitepine trail so I wasn't sure if there was a bridge over the creek. There is only remnants of a bridge and the water was quite high and it would have involved carrying at least one of the dogs over. Since I had a beautiful day and plenty of time, I decided to do some exploring. I backtracked to the Wildhorse junction and followed the trail to just past the Deadhorse Pass basin. From this vantage point I could see some of the route I would have used to climb Jim Hill Mt. According to Beckey the South route is a ""pleasant Hike"", I am not quite so sure. I did find a climber's trail that climbs to Deadhorse Pass, and I am quite sure there is one to Grace Lakes as well. I am sure in time I will be back to explore both those trails.

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