Tuesday, June 1, 2004

Navaho Peak 6.1.04

Today's goal was for a summit of Navaho Peak via the Stafford Creek trail. The weather was pleasant and the trail was in good shape, with only a few minor stream crossings. The snow is retreating at a rapid rate and most can be avoided all together. This route has a substantial 4100ft of climb but is spread out over 6+ miles making the grade quite easy. Navaho's summit has a climber's trail that takes you all the way to the top. This route is non-technical and rewards you with some up front and stunning views of the Stuart Range. The weather changed as I summitted the warm weather gave way to some snow and windy weather. After quickly adding a few more layers and signing the summit register I retreated to Navaho Pass to have lunch. At a more than modest elevation of 7223ft this summit is the highest I have climbed in Washington. This was a great time of year to do this climb, I am sure this becomes quite hot and dusty in the summertime. With a 6 hour car to car time, give your self plenty of time.

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