Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Pollalie Ridge 6.16.04

Today's goal was for a summit of the high point (5560+) of Polallie ridge. I used the Pete Lk. trail to join up with the Tired Creek trail which connects with the Polallie Ridge trail. The weather was ideal and the bugs were out in force at the trailhead. I made great time to the old lookout site at Pt 5482 which is one of the best viewing spots to see from the Three Queens all the way to Mt Daniel. I continued on the Polallie Ridge trail until it drops off the ridge. I merely followed the humps and bumps of this enjoyable ridge traverse until I reached the Highpoint. This Highpoint is about 1.5 south of the old lookout site. As I reached the final push to the summit I noticed quite a bit of bear scat along the ridgeline. Upon reaching the summit I was treated to what for me is a rare site, a bear! Well, actually I just saw a glimpse of his rear as he ran away. I waited a minute to give some much needed distance and then continued on. There is some patchy snow and the bugs were of no concern near the summit. I hustled out, so as to make my dinner date, from car to car 5.5 hours.

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