Tuesday, February 3, 2004

Teanaway Butte 2.3.04

I awoke this morning with a foggy head that even a pot of coffee couldn't burn away. My goal for today was for Teanaway Butte via the Middle Fork Rd. I was on a very limited time schedule, so I knew I had to hussle. I should have known things wouldn't go quite as well as expected when I decided that I knew my route and didn't need to consult it before leaving. I have only been in the Teanaway area once before so I am not familiar with all the roads in the area. I thought the Middle Fork Rd left the North Fork Rd, not the West Fork Rd.. When I reached the 29 Pines Campground I knew a change of plans was in order. I didn't feel like I had enough time to backtrack so I decided to follow the road that runs next to Jungle Creek. The day was nice and the snow was packed due to the snowmobile traffic. I climbed to around 3100ft where I left the road and climbed straight up to the saddle between Teanaway Butte and Pt. 4385. I decided to have my lunch at this saddle enjoying some nice sunbreaks. I had left my snowshoes 200ft below me for the steeper portions of the climb, which was not such a good idea. The snow on the open flat ridgeline would not support my weight without them, after floundering a few more hundred feet, I decided enough was enough. Although little went as planned it sure was nice to be out again. Conditions permitting I will return next week to try from the Middle Fork side.

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