Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Teanaway Butte 2.10.04

With today's perfect weather I eagerly set off for a return trip to Teanaway Butte. Teanaway Butte is ranked a lowly 94 on the list of 100 highest summits of the Back Court. The Middle Fork Rd. was devoid of any snow all the way to it's maintained end, which was much different than last week. The area sees heavy snowmobile traffic so the road was packed and made for quick walking. I left the main line after about a mile and used the spur road that ends 350ft below the summit. I left the road here having to put on snowshoes because of the deep unpacked snow. The summit is straight in front of you and poses no difficulties. The last 150ft is steep and in open and deep snow making it quite the lung burning finish. The summit is open and attractive and I was treated to some stunning views of the Stuart Range as well as the scattered peaks of the Teanaway area. The weather was quite ideal with the temps in the mid 50's and not even a breath of wind. Although the climb was much longer than anticipated (approx 14 miles roundtrip) it went very quickly due to not having to break trail. Approx 2:30 up and 1:45 down.

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