Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Myrtle Lake, Little Myrtle Lake 7.16.03

I got my usual later than I would like start. I set off up the Dingford Creek trail a little after 1 pm. The day was partly cloudy and the temps were moderate. The trail is in fairly good shape. There are some muddy spots after the Hester lake turnoff and some good sized blow overs to climb over. I set up camp at Myrtle lake and tried my hand at some fly fishing. I had some success so I decided to try Little Myrtle. The trail to Little Myrtle is much harder to follow and it does cross the creek about half way up and climbs to the lake on the west side contrary to both my maps. Little Myrtle looks more promising for bigger fish due to the fact it is not so shallow. I did not have any luck however, most of which was due to the growing wind. I retreated to camp to find the bugs were out in force. I spent a good portion of the evening in the tent listening to the bugs dive bombing the tent sounding much like a heavy spring rain. The plan was to go to Merlin, Nimue, and Le Fay lakes in the morning. I made it most of the way to Merlin when I decided that anywhere there weren't any bugs was better than here. I broke camp and high tailed it to the car. I will be back later in the season to finish this trip.

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