Wednesday, July 9, 2003

Green Ridge Lake 7.9.03

I found the miner's trail to Green Ridge Lake without any problem. The trail starts about 4.6 miles from the Taylor River bridge. There is enough parking for about two or three cars. The trail starts just before the parking. The trail is very steep but fairly easy to follow it stays mostly on the ridge until 3400ft. The trail then traverses to a rock slide, cross the rockslide and pick up the trail on the other side. The trail stays between the rockslide and the creek for the remainder of the climb. You could follow the northern shore and easily climb to Hi-Lo Lake and beyond. Since I had been to Hi-Lo Lake on a previous trip (from Nordrum Lake) I turned my attention to the continuation of the Miner's trail. I crossed the outlet and picked up the trail on the other side. The trail climbs easily to a big camp at the base of the steeper climb. It appeared to me that this was a quartz mining camp. Above the camp the grade steepens greatly I climbed to approx 4300ft and ran out of time. It seems that you could crest the ridge and drop to Quartz Lake or even climb to Pt 4860 without any problems. This trail is not maintained and is very steep, good route finding skills are also needed.

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