Thursday, July 17, 2003

Cad Lake 7.17.03

I got my usual late start and payed the price. I left the trailhead at 12:40 with the temps already at least 10 degrees warmer than I expected, and bit muggy to boot. I had to stop a few times in some shady spots to give the dogs some respite from the growing heat. There is a stream crossing at 4100ft and again at 5000ft so the dogs were able to get some water. Once you reach the ridge line there is still quite a bit of snow. I left the Granite Mt trail where it bends to the south for the final push to the summit. I veered north and and a little west reaching the rim above Cad Lake. It is very steep on the southern end of Cad so I angled to the east and caught a stream bed to reach lake level. The lake is still mostly frozen I did not stay long not looking forward to the climb back to rejoin the Granite Mt trail. I mearly retraced my steps until I had climbed the majority of the way back, and had my lunch. The views are stunning of the surrounding peaks. I had little problem with the descent until I caught a toe and went ass over tea kettle ending up on my back with my feet pointing uphill. It was easily the worst I have ever fallen while in the mountains. After taking inventory of all my parts I very gingerly (and thankfully) got up and hobbled to the car.

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