Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Squak Mt (again) 5.30.11

With both injury and my wife's work robbing be both time and ability to get out and found a small window of time to stretch the legs. I decided to head to Squak Mt once again since it is so close and test the recovery of my foot. I mixed up this time using the East Side trail and then using the closed Phil's Creek trail. I expected the trail to be in some sort of devastation but found one short portion that is slumping just after the creek crossing. I wouldn't want to ride a horse through that portion but walking was fine. There is also a big blowdown a bit further that was easy to climb over using the well placed remaining branches. A word of warning DON'T Wear Shorts since the Stinging Nettles are in full force through most of the East Side Trail. The foot seemed to handle the hike without too much issue but my back was quite balky and I had a harder time on the steeper portions with stiffness. I was saddened that the dog seemed to really struggle, for the first time showing his age. I hope that he was just demonstrating his displeasure for being leashed. I stopped for a short time at the Central Summit and then descended my the South Access Road. Quite a few people out and about and plenty of horse riders as well. This morning the foot is mildly swollen but mostly pain free. I do find it interesting that the portion of my foot that has been giving me issues isn't even the part that I injured. Hopefully I can get back to full strength soon.

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