Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Recovery Part 1

The foot has been slowly coming along, I had to temper my aspirations a bit. I had hoped to be back to speed by now but I now realize that when the doctor says 6 weeks it is probably going to be close to that time frame. For the most part I have had a good attitude regarding being unable to pursue my passions. I can't help but think my job has had a negative impact on my recovery. Not wanting to use too much of my hoarded vacation I came back sooner than what was probably best. What also didn't help is that I tried to do the same amount of work.

   I can see steady progress so I decided that tonight was the night to put the boots back on. I know myself well enough to know that once the pain is gone so will my ability to govern my output. I didn't want to be on my first outing and push too hard. I decided in the beginning that the prudent course of action would be to start small and each day add a little more. My schedule doesn't allow for early morning outings, in other words I know I wouldn't consistently get up before work. I decided that the headlamp after work would be more workable. This way I can be there for the kids bedtime and still have some time to get out. I also knew that the dog must be going crazy since his exercise has been cut to just about nil with my injury. To add to this he was laid up two weeks before me because he had a tumor removed from his neck. I wanted to stay close so my choice was my usual Squak Mt. South Access Road. The weather was very wet, very cold and  breezy. I secretly hoped to make the summit so I could enjoy some fresh snow, but realistically I just wanted to see how it would go. I had a hard time getting a comfortable fit on my boot, I am worried that the injury has somehow changed the shape of my foot. Anyway it was apparent I wasn't going too far. I only managed to walk to the access gate before the realization sunk in that I need more time. I am hopeful that tomorrow I will be able to go further and so on.

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  1. damn dude, well i'll wish you a speedy recovery...long term injuries like this are always a bum deal. you're nearing the end of the tunnel, the light is getting closer, and you get out and realize the road to recovering your form before the injury is even longer. ah well, the snows will be around for quite some time. you've lucked out this season. you'll still have your fairshare of days spent climbing up snow-covered mountainsides...


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