Friday, April 8, 2011

Injured Reserve Part 2 4.8.11

While for the most part the recovery from the torn tendon in my foot has steadily been improving, my mental state has not. I have surprised myself greatly by maintaining a positive attitude regarding my injury. I am not sure if it was because the sun came out today or if it is just plain getting old being hobbled, but today has been a struggle mentally. I was able to return to work last week and my timing couldn't have been worse. I had inventory which involves me staying to the wee hours of the night and then I had a big weekend where I had to stay a couple hours late each night. By the time Sunday rolled around I was done. Thankfully I was able to sneak out early because I just couldn't take being on my feet any longer. I took it easy on my days off and and can get around fairly well for short periods, but I still have to walk awkwardly to prevent pain. I sometime wonder if I am avoiding true pain or I am just not allowing myself to see if it does truly hurt. The mind is a funny thing, and I know I don't want to subject myself to the amount of discomfort if I don't have to.

   Looking back I think when the doctor said 4 to 6 weeks I heard 3 weeks and I would be 100% which certainly isn't the case. I am most thankful that the weather has been dismal and the conditions in the mountains even worse. I am very fortunate not to have to torture myself reading about the exploits of others and not being able to be there myself. I am trying to be realistic with my expectations and not push too hard and have a setback. I still have some hope to at least put my boots on early next week and start with some short walks and build my way up to where I left off. I know if I just head out the first day I don't feel pain I will most certainly overdo it.

Time will tell.


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