Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mount Lillian 2.10.09

After missing last week I was eager to get out and stretch my legs. I tossed around a few ideas and decided that I should return to finish off my previous climb. I had read some recent reports of route finding difficulties in the area so I made sure I loaded the summit in my GPS. I parked at the road to Tronsen Meadows trailhead and packed up. I had to laugh to myself on the way there when I was pulled over by a trooper for going 62 in a 60 mph zone. The trooper actually had to turn around to pull me over. Thankfully I wasn't given a ticket. Undaunted I pressed on. I was feeling fortunate that I had missed the incoming weather on the way making for quick time. I booted up the road and switched to snowshoes once I hit the Tonsen Meadows Trail. The route was fairly easy to follow and mostly packed down making for some easy travel. Nearing the crest I left the trail and just went straight up the fall line. Once I crested to the flats I followed some snowmobile tracks to the groomed road. Just as I reached the road the groomer past me looking surprised to see me. I gave some thought to just following the road but decided that lacked any appeal. I crossed the road descended briefly and then began climbing. There were many blow downs to negotiate but the travel was mostly open. The snow conditions varied from a hard crust to deep powder. I aimed for the small closed contour just to the NW of the true summit. I again descended until I again crossed the groomed road. I reached an open area just South of the summit which was fairly deep powder but it afforded me an easy route to the true summit. It is good to know that the high point that is included in the BackCourt 100 is not the point named Mount Lillian on the map. The weather had moved in so views were not in the cards. I could see Bentrim Hill to the South which I had hoped to also summit but I decided to forgo the substantial mileage. The return was straightforward with the exception of following the groomed road I just retraced my steps.

Approx 10miles 2800ft of climb 6hrs car to car

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