Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Teanaway Road 5.4.10

With the elevated avy forecast I wasn't too enthused with climbing anything. I still wanted to at least get out and check out the conditions. I thought I might have a shot at some sun in Teanaway and with the roads opening up I thought I might give the Beverly Creek Trail a go. I also had hope that the Eastern Crest would have been spared the brunt of the previous day's heavy snow making the conditions markedly safer. I stopped at my usual tanking up spot and once again won $50 on a scratch ticket. With the day off to a good start I made my way over snowy Snoqulamie Pass. True to form the weather was partly sunny East of the crest. The fresh snow started just before the 29 Pines campground and covered the road shortly thereafter. The snow was rutted from previous traffic so there were not issues. When I reached the road that branches off to the Beverly Creek Trail it hadn't been driven on and looked as I was going by that it wasn't passable. My next thought was to see how far I could drive. After another mile I was stopped by snow too deep to proceed. I found a nice spot to park and suited up. Even though the sky was mostly cloudy the sun was unbroken on me for the entire trip. The road appears some time away from being drivable. There are three trees over the road, the first is very large and may be able to be winched out but more than likely it will have to be cut by a very large saw. I plodded on hoping to reach the trail that climbs to the saddle between Gene's Peak( Teanaway Peak ) and Iron Peak. It appears that I misjudged the distance I had to walk to reach this trail sapping my desire to continue on. I could see the ridge above me heavily corniced in full sunlight. Truthfully this time of year it doesn't take much to convince me to come home early. I always have in the back of my mind that the fish could be biting at home. I start to think of how much fun it would be to be tooling around the lake with the family in the boat. I retraced my steps marvelling how much of the road was reclaimed by the warm sun. As I past the Beverly Creek turnoff I was dismayed to see the road completely melted out as far as I could see, making me wish I would have given it a go.

Approx 5 miles 400' of climb 2 hours car to car

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