Monday, April 26, 2010

Anderson Lake 4.26.10

Late last week the forecast for Monday looked to be stellar so I had planned for a longer outing. After a wonderful annual fishing derby event on Saturday and a day to recoup I was excited to head out. The weather was warm when I woke up so I decided to stick with my original plan. I had hoped to add a partner to share the day with but I was without any luck. I was happy to see the Middle Fork Road had recently been graded to help to keep my teeth rattling out of my head while I made my way to the Taylor River Parking area. I was hoping to see the gate open for the rest of the MFR but no such luck. The weather was much cooler than when I left my house so my aspirations didn't feel as rosy. I have many fond memories of the Taylor River Road in my youth and it has been several years since I have been on it. I was surprised at the condition it was like a super highway much better than the last time I was there. I named the bridge of Marten creek the 45 minute bridge since it always seemed to take me 45 minutes to get there. I was dismayed that I arrived after 51 minutes giving me for the first time proof I am slowing in my old age. Not to let that fact dismay me I walked 150 or so feet, just past the pair of jeans hanging in the tree and headed up. There was at one time a miner's trail that made it's way to Anderson Lake. The initial portion was full of blowdowns but since it wasn't steep they didn't really impede my progress. I was happy because my legs felt better than they have felt in a long time as I blazed the 2400' of climb to Anderson Lake. I was able to follow the old trail for long periods of time and the brush was very minimal. I hit snow around 3600' and shortly thereafter started a rising traverse to the lake. I resisted putting on the snowshoes, although I am not sure why. Once at the lake I could hear the wind howling above me and the leading edge of the rain was coming. I had hoped to climb to the East and run the ridge to Morpheous. I figured I had 3 hours up and back which would have put me home before my expected time. However I knew I wouldn't be able to outrun the rain. I had some qualms of making the long descent back to the Taylor River Road. With everything wet it would have changed the complexion of the descent. I had this intense feeling I was a long ways away from anything. I reluctantly decided to put on the snowshoes and head down. If I had some company I surely would have been comfortable continuing but it wasn't the case solo. The route down went very quickly thankfully without a tense moment. I stopped for a short lunch at the new bridge over Marten Creek and enjoyed the nice walk back to the car.

Approx 8 miles 3100' of climb 6 hours car to car

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