Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Loch Katrine 3.4.09

I have looking to do more on the North Fork of the Snoqualmie because mainly I see the peaks every day I work. I had an idea to try Twin Peaks via a route that I had no data on. I had emailed out to some Nwhikers about some trips that no reports were submitted. They gave me what is probably the easiest route via Lake Phillipa. Many thanks for the great trip report and pictures, I am sure to put them to use in the future. This was not the day for an attempt of Twin Peak. I had a morning appointment and and evening one as well. I had just enought time in between to scout my idea in person. I was able to drive to just past the Wagoner Bridge before I was blocked by a truck and a grader. They didn't seem to want to let me by so I backtracked a short ways and parked. The washout that had the road closed has been fixed and they were almost finished with the second blockage. I chit chatted with the workers for a short time. The idea was to use the ridge just East of Loch Katrine which looks farily benign on the map. I hoped to follow the ridge to access the upper lake and then the easier slopes to Twin Peaks summit. I made good time for the two miles to the gate guarding Lake Phillipa Road. I jumped the gate and followed the road until it split, I took the left fork and started climbing. There was patchy snow but not enough to warrant snowshoes. The road is fairly steep so I wouldn't reccommend a mountain bike for this route. I chose to switch to snowshoes to soon and had to take them off again. I wouldn't bother putting them on until the 3 mile mark approx 2800'. Soon the grade flattened out and I made it to the big bend in the road. I left the road here and it is only a short ways to the campsite near the shore. The lake is frozen but seems to be thawing some out about 20' from shore. It appears that one could walk to far end of the lake it you stayed near shore. I did try to walk a short ways without issue. Tanner tried to go out further and it sounded quite sloppy. My intended route look doable until the near the end where the ridge ends abrubtly. Since I had to be back I didn't linger long. The route out was quick and I had enough time to walk to the Lake Phillipa Road a little further. The road is mess of mud further along. A torrent of muck overrode the road. The muck was frozen solid so it made for surprisingly great walking. After another half mile I decided that I needed to get back, soon I was back to the car.

Approx 12 miles 1800' of climb 5:30 car to car.

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