Saturday, December 29, 2007

Talapus Lake 12.29.07

I only had a short time to get out today so I thought I would try something both close and low on challenge. I parked among the masses just after exiting 1-90. I did try to drive further but the rutted road was almost too much for the Subaru to handle. I managed to get turned around and parked. I was off. I had some concern about Tanner knocking some x-country skiers so I kept him leashed for most of the day. There were plenty people to make my way around as I made my way briskly along the long road walk to the summer trailhead. I expected to have to break trail but was treated with a perfect trench all the way to the lake. I really didn't think I had enough time to make it to the lake but because the trail was already broken I made the lake just before dark. I paused for just abit before making my way back in the dark. I was able to follow the trail in the fading light until just before the trailhead where I was forced into using my headlamp.

Approx 11 miles 4 hours car to car 1700ft of climb

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