Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Kiss Your Ass Goodbye Pass 12.19.07

I had hoped to do something off Steven's Pass but with the heavy snow fall wreaking havoc on the pass a change of plans was in order. I decided instead of a peak bag, fitness maintenance was in order. The plan was to walk the Bessemer Road until I couldn't go any further. I had plenty of time but I new the massive amount of heavy wet snow would be the determining factor. I was amazed that the Middle Fork Road had degraded in the short time since I visited it last. The road was as potholed as ever and made for a bumpy ride. I parked before the gate even though it was unlocked. The area seems to be getting some active logging. It seems to be just along the road maybe a widening of the road is in the works. I passed a couple of guys loading some of the fallen timber on to a logging truck and exchanged pleasantries. I made good time until it was time to snowshoe up. The snow consistently became deeper as I climbed. Once my steps were deeper than my calves the pace slowed considerably. I pushed on until I reached 3500ft where my footprints were over my knees making for some interesting walking. I had hoped to make it to at least the pass between South Bessemer and Moolock Peak which the old timer's referred to Kiss Your Ass Goodbye Pass. I was content to beat a hasty retreat to the dryness of my car.

Approx 8 miles 5 hours car to car 2600ft of climb.

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