Monday, October 16, 2006

Ridge Lake 10.16.06

I have been most envious of recent trail reports extolling the fine fall colors. With work taking up some of my valuable hiking time I couldn't help but feel like I haven't taken advantage of the wonderful fall weather. I finally had a day to devote to some climbing. Of course the recent beautiful weather has degraded to more seasonal weather. I was looking for a somewhat long trail day with easy access. I decided to pack my fly rod and make my way to Ridge Lake. I used the Commenwealth trail to try and shave off some miles. I fully expected a drenching so I packed nearly all the foul weather gear I own. As it turned out the weather wasn't all that bad. I sure enjoyed walking on the untracked dusting of snow that was present from the Katwalk on to Ridge Lake. For those of you who do not enjoy heights today was a good day to traverse the Katwalk. The cloudcover completely obscured any views below the trail. I steamed into Ridge Lake in just less than 3 hours. I had hoped to do some fishing but the biting wind made it seem like a poor idea. I snapped a couple of pictures and I was off. I saw signs of another person who had stopped at the Katwalk. I managed to catch up to single a couple of miles past the Katwalk. Evidently this person doesn't like to be passed as he sped up enough to prevent my passing him. The rest of the slog went quickly and I thankfully reached my car 5:20 after starting.

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