Monday, January 16, 2006

Lake Hancock Road 1.16.06

I figured the snow level would be quite low, so I was looking for a low elevation start. I decided to access Hancock lake via the North

Fork Rd. The way is blocked by an elephant gate, which was open. I chose to park since I did not have a permit. The road is in an active logging area so special care with the dogs was in order. The road was mostly bare for the 4.5 miles to the lake. I backtracked a bit and continued on the main line of the road until around 3100ft. I hope to use this approach, with the use of a mountain bike in the spring, to climb Hancock's Comb. At 4680ft Hancock's Comb come in at a lowly #99 on the Homecourt 100 list. I had no intention of summitting on this day due to the 18+ mile approach, but is did give me a nice 12 mile run for the dogs. I had expected heavy snows but was treated with mostly heavy rain.

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