Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Lourve 10.13.05

I was hoping for a summit try for The Louvre, I had seen the route earlier this year when I was atop Jolley Mt. I was hoping to again be able to drive to the second gate on road #4315 saving 3+ miles of roadwalking each way. I was dismayed to find the first gate locked at around 3300ft. I thought this would not give me enough time to complete my objective but I thought I would at least give it a go. The weather was mostly cloudy but at least dry this week as I made my way up the road. I cut the switchback at around 4000ft saving some much needed time and distance. I made it to the junction with Jolly Creek Trail in under 2 hours. I could see my objective looking like it was still a million miles away. I dropped the 400ft to the saddle below, I found a large white tent housing some supplies. I couldn't figure out why it was there but there didn't seem to be any people in the area. I dropped pack just above the camp and followed the mostly easy to follow climber's trail. The trail peters out but the ridge is open and a fun scramble. There is really no exposure along this whole route. Much to my delight and suprise I made the summit in just less than 3:45. I could see the weather was changing quite rapidly so I hightailed it back to the truck before both darkness and the rain hit in earnest.

14 miles 4500ft of climb 6:40 car to car.

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