Thursday, October 20, 2005

Granite Mt 10.20.05

I was somewhat limited on options for this week. I had very little time and I needed a trailhead that I could drive my regular car to. I hadn't been up to the Granite Mt. Lookout in some time, so I thought it would suit me just fine. I traveled light, no pack just some extra clothes. It has been some time since I have climbed the duration without pack, I was pleasantly suprised that I made the summit in less than 2 hours. I did cross paths with two other groups on the way up. I must ask for forgiveness due to my dog's aggressive nature. Tanner is usually more interested in what is around the next bend rather that anyone we pass along the way. I usually do not see any people on the majority of my hikes but I am sorry for any trouble I may have caused. It seems like it is best to be friendly to dogs instead of being scared, sensing fear I think most dogs tend to be more aggressive. The sun made a valiant effort to break through during my short stay at the lookout. I quickly retraced my steps to the car making the roundtrip in less than 3:30. I am quite glad I shoehorned in a hike this week. I don't think I will get too many chances in the next month. With the impending delivery of my first, I think it to be prudent to be a bit closer to home.

8+miles 3800ft of climb 3:25 car to car

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