Tuesday, January 4, 2005

South Bessemer Road 1.4.05

I was hoping for another look at Moolock Pk. today, but when I reached the Borrow Pit at around 4100ft the snow became too deep for the Beagle. I backtracked to the saddle at around 4000ft. I still had some legs left and the logging road that reaches South Bessemer Summit was untracked and had more sun exposure. The beagle had much less trouble with this depth snow. I left the road around 4500 ft and just headed directly uphill. This snow was much deeper and I had some slow going. Upon reaching around 4850 the snow again became too deep for the little guy. I started to feel a little bad for the trooper. I am sure 2 miles of dragging his undercarriage in the snow was asking a bit much. The day while at times windy and cold was quite magnificent with the complete bright sunlight. I hastily ate my lunch and was off again. I cut a few switchbacks on the way down and picked up the bike I had stashed around the 2 mile mark. The coast out was it's usual adventure but in a matter of moments I was back at the truck. I was suprised to see a truck parked at the gate upon my arrival and another on my departure. I however did not see anyone on this day.

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