Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Kendall Peak Road 1.13.05

wasn't sure quite what to expect weather wise, so I chose something that was both convenient and safe. I left the snow park at Hyak under much warmer than expected conditions. The road is well packed and smooth sailing. I really didn't have any goal for the day other than to find some nice untracked snow. I made good time until around 3300ft where I changed to snowshoes. The qoing was still quite easy. After I reached the turn-off that goes Kendall Peak Lakes I continued right on the road until I reached an open area at around 4400ft. The road continues south here. I stopped when the wind and blowing snow made it miserable for me and the deeper untracked snow thwarted the Beagle. I made great time on the way done even faster in the areas with SW exposure where there wasn't anything to stop the strong gusty winds and stinging snowfall. Soon I was back the truck where I was dismayed to find a $52 parking ticket.

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