Tuesday, August 3, 2004

Pratt Mt 8.3.04

I had planned a try for Garfield Mt Lakes via the Green Ridge Miner's trail. I however, didn't feel up to this very steep climb. I switched gears and chose to do a much less taxing climb. I chose to climb Pratt Mt. using the Pratt Lake trail as an approach. This route spreads the 3300ft climb over 5.5+ miles, Although it would be quicker and involve less climbing by using the Talapus Lake trailhead. Since this climb is not overly difficult I opted to just wear my sandles and carry a light day pack. I was suprised to find quite a bit of water still running providing the dogs with plenty of water. The temps were quite pleasant so water wouldn't have been much of an issue anyway. Since I was travelling so light I made my jump of point in 90 minutes. I left the trail just below 4600ft and followed the rockslide to just SE of the summit and followed the ridge to the open summit. Just before reaching the ridgetop I spotted 2 deer and their fawn not more than 200 yrds away. I was suprised that it went unnoticed by the dogs. I always enjoy the sight of deer running. After a short stay I downclimbed and rejoined the trail. This route is very pleasant and I am sure provides some beautiful views. However today with the low cloud cover I was only able to see as far as Bandera and Granite Mts. I ran portions of the way out making a quick car to car 4 hour roundtrip. I only saw 2 other people, one man was quite suprised that I would consider doing a climb in sandles. He was quite sure I would ""stub my toe or something"", to be quite honest I much prefer climbing in a good pair of sandles.

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