Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Bare Mt, Bare Lake

I was hoping for a nice bit of climbing in an area that holds many special memories. I climbed to the saddle just east of Bare Mt. at approx. 4900ft. I climbed to the north side high above Paradise Lakes. The first part is somewhat steep traversing descent but moderates quickly to some rolling rock gardens. I aimed for the saddle that is above Bear Lakes and quickly dropped to the lakes. I set up camp on the south shore. I than began scouting for my next days objectives of Canoe Peak (pt 5706) Coney Lake and Lennox Mt. I had used the saddle between Pt 5449 and Canoe Pk. on a previous trip to Lake Kanim so I knew that that would be no problem. I turned my attention to the gap just to the NW of Pt. 5616. I climbed to the uppermost Bear Pond and found a easy gully that would give me easy access. As I was dropping to the pond when my attention was drawn to my dog Tanner dropping the last 15ft to the lake much more quickly than He or I would like. He came up lame instantly. He has already blown one ACL and the vet said it would only be a matter to time until he did the other one. Why here? Why now? I hastily retreated to camp and with 5 hours of daylight left I was marooned in the tent. I wanted to keep Tanner off his leg and I knew that Tanner goes where I go. I had faint hope that maybe he just tweaked it and all would be well in the morning, although I knew all to well that would not be the case. I spent a less than restfull night debating on what to do the next day. My options were not good. I knew that there was no way that Tanner would make it throught the boulder fields on three legs much less the climb up the saddle to even get to the fields. I also knew that carrying a hundred plus pound dog would be a massive undertaking. I could just go straight down the outlet to the miner's trail that I knew was below me in the basin. But I couldn't find the beginning to the trail and I knew the end where it meets with the Bare Mt trail is quite overgrown and brushy. I decided that down it was to be. I was much relieved to find the trail almost instanly (didn't I just look in the same place yesterday?). Tanners seemed to be doing well enough as I dropped elevation quickly. The trail is not too bad to follow, I lost it at the open mine but I angled to the piece of heavy machinery in the boulderfield and refound the trail there. I continued on to a junction and headed right downstream. The trail now became much more defined and I even allowed myself to relax a bit. I still had to go through the brushy area just before it rejoins the Bare Mt trail. I lost the trail and bashed my way through a couple hundred yards of some cascade brush at it's best. I broke out into a boulder field I sensed that I was below the trail and climbed about 50ft up to meet the trail just a mere 20ft before it junctions with the Bare Mt trail. I was so happy I was nearly home free. Neither I nor Tanner had any problem with the rest. I now play the waiting game until Tuesday when I find out the extent of his injuries.

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