Tuesday, October 7, 2003

Nimue, Merlin Lake 10/7/03

Today's goal was for return try for Nimue, Merlin, and, Le Fay Lakes. I had tried earlier this year from Myrtle Lake, but turned back to a massive gnat hatch. For today's try I wanted to leave the Dingford Crk. trail at around 3200ft just after crossing the outlet from the before mentioned lakes. I wasn't overly optimistic for success today due to the expected heavy rains. My start was delayed due to road work in 3 seperate places on the Middle Fork Rd.. A crew has regraded the road from where you rejoin the road from the Taylor River bypass to top of the first big hill. I did not have much trouble with any of these changes, however if heavy rain comes I would imagine it would be impassable except for 4 wheel drive vehicles due to muddiness. I arrived at Dingford Creek at around 12:45 so I knew I needed to hustle. I was suprised that it wasn't raining and there were actually some sunbreaks. I made good time to my jump off point, the first 100ft was the worst of the brush. I would find bits and pieces of trail here and there. The steepest portion of the climb was quite open and made for easy climbing. Be wary once you reach the flatter portion just before Nimue Lake, the area is very boggy and on the way out I sank to mid thigh and had quite the ordeal to extricate myself with both boots still attached to my feet. After the boggy area it is just a short ways to Nimue, the lake is small and somewhat shallow. I tried throwing a fly for a short while before I made my way to Merlin Lake, I didn't have any luck. I did see some evidence of fish which seemed might be good sized. The route to Merlin is straight forward I just followed the stream that links the two lakes, I don't think it took more than 15 minutes. With time running short I returned to Nimue and pack up giving up on any attempt for Le Fay lake. The return to the car went with out a hitch and I made it out just before dark.

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