Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Hibox Lake 9.23.03

I had hoped for an attempt last week for Hibox Lake, but with the heavy rain I decided to try this week instead. With picture perfect fall weather I talked to my long time friend Allan into coming along. I had hoped that the logging road that leaves just before the Rachel Lake trailhead (trail #1313) would not be gated allowing easy access to the ridge line we would follow to the lake. We arrived to find a locked gate. Allan has not done any hiking in years so I figured a long road approach coupled with a cross-country hike would be too much. So we decided to walk the road until the point where we would jump off onto the ridge line. The road was in fine shape and we both enjoyed the conversation along the way. We followed the road until approx 3900ft where it turns and heads toward our objective. The route from there seems straight forward and quite open. It seems to me it would be a fun snowshoe for late spring. We also noticed a spur road that appears more traveled that descends in an easterly direction. Not wanting to follow it and come out too far from the car we returned by the same route as we came in on. All in all it was a beautiful day spent with good company.

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