Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Pothole Lake 5.20.03

Since the weather prediction was for warm and sunny weather, I thought I would make an attempt for both Dream and Pothole Lakes. I awoke to morning drizzle, but surely it will burn off in the afternoon was my thought. I made quick work of the Taylor River Rd to the Big Creek bridge (big concrete bridge). The Dream Lake fisherman's trail starts just after the bridge. The trail climbs steeply for about 800 vertical feet and then stops in a huge mass of vine maple and slide alder. At 2600ft I left the trail and climbed easterly. The plan was to climb above the brush and traverse to Pothole Creek. I found two stream beds that put me around 3100ft., I then did a long brushy traverse to Pothole creek. I do not suggest this for any one of a sane mind, the wet brush was still very thick and very slippery. I crossed the creek at approx 3200ft and climbed the remaining distance on the Northeast side of the creek. Pothole lake was 90% frozen and there was still alot of snow in the basin. Because the climb took more than an hour longer than I had expected and the rain was increasing I decided to pass at my second objective of Dream Lake. I hastily retreated down the creek recrossing at 3200ft and just followed it down to meet back with the Dream Lake trail. This is not for beginner's, many times I asked myself ""why am I doing this"". To complicate the downclimb my hamstrings began cramping very painfully. Dream Lake would have been easily been reached if conditions were any better. I would also suggest when carrying a full pack, try to have an internal frame as not to hang up on every branch along the way.

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