Thursday, April 19, 2012

Duffy Creek a Gortex test 4.18.12

   I have been getting the short stick on weather of late but last week was a nice day. Unfortunately I was saddled with a cold bad enough to make me watch 8 episodes of Deadliest Catch in a row..... on a sunny day. I decided to try to work on Wednesday only because I was leaving the next day for a family vacation/memorial in the Spring Break hot spot of Minnesota. I barely made it through my shift without killing someone and awoke a few short hours later to shuttle the family to the airport before the sun was even up. This didn't exactly help my cold but at least I wasn't at work. Thankfully the flight with the kids went well and we efficiently were picked up and taken to our spacious abode for the next 4 nights. I am glad that the rooms were spacious since I spent most of the time in either in bed or the bathroom. In addition to my cold which was improving I added the  pleasure of  a gastoral issue that added to my joy.  Despite the bi-polar weather we all had a great time and were able to make it back into one piece. I had one more day of vacation on Tuesday which of course was the better weather day but I didn't want to get up early and I had evening plans. I put off my hike until Wednesday despite the weather forecast and that I had to work in the evening.

    I was able to get up well before my alarm that was set for 0600 and was off shortly thereafter. I wasn't looking for an overly challenging day since I did have to work and I was still a bit dehydrated from my weekend. I had some good beta for 10-4 mountain and some tracks to follow so I thought it a worthy pursuit for this day. I was able to make it to my jump off point just as the rain started. I suited up and started down the logging road towards my objective. I had been up this road twice this year and I could hardly recognize it despite being on it only a few weeks ago. Logging operations are in full effect and since I don't hike on the weekend I was force to dodge numerous logging truck and other assorted machinery. The rain only increased as I made my way to the saddle between 10-4 and Haystack Mountain. Once I reached the snow at around 2500' I really started to lose my enthusiasm. I pushed on .  I resisted the idea of putting my snowshoes on since the snow wasn't real consistent. When I reached the bridge over Duffey Creek I stopped and assessed my options. The rain was relentless and I didn't have the will to spend 4 more hours slogging through it. As I debated the sun started to burn through the clouds which curiously only made the rain increase. This dance continued as the sun grew in strength in tandem with the intensity of the rain. I thought this surely was a sign that the sun would win and I slapped my snowshoes on. A scant half mile later the snow ran out and the rain increased and was paired with a biting wind. I took this as a sign that this wasn't in my best interest to continue. The weather continued to deteriorate until I had safely passed the point of changing my mind and then the sun came out and I had a pleasant walk back to the car. I was thankful to have some time to spend with the family and to take care of some pressing issues on the home front. I had a stellar night at work making me think that I had made some good decisions on this day.

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