Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Squak Mt. The Long Way Route 1.18.12

  With the monumental dump of snow mixed with the generous lowland snow by options were very limited. I had expected more snow but there was still enough to provide challenging driving conditions around my house. I decided a nice walk from my house to Squak Mt South Access Road and on to the summit would be a fun trip.  The snow was waning as I started out. The roads were compact snow and ice. I made great time the 2.5 miles to the Access Road. There was very little traffic and the people I did see were driving at speeds suitable for the conditions. I was a bit unnerved around a steeper portion of my approach. Both coming and going I was very aware of what traffic was doing. I certainly didn't want to get in the way of car sliding out of control on the hill.

   Once I started on the road there were tracks from earlier in the day. I found it easier to find my own way in the shallow snow instead of trying to match stride lengths of the tracks. The weather changed to a light rain and I was wary of freezing rain. There were a few trees freshly down from the added weight of the snow. The snow progressively got deeper as I reached the end of the bootprints. I broke trail for the remainder of the way to the summit. There was about 16" of snow from the previous week's activity. I didn't linger long and I pushed the pace down the road. The snow was great for a speedy decent. The balance of the way home went very quickly. I did have to navigate more traffic on the way out then on the way in. I was pleased that my new La Sportiva Gore-Tex Boots kept my feet warm and more importantly dry. 10 miles in wet conditions was a good test.

Approx 10 miles 2100' of climb 3:45 car to  car


  1. So were you in boots or did you have snowshoes (or wish you had snowshoes)? I'm leading a hike on Tiger (to places that the crowds don't go) Saturday and wondering if we need 'shoes.

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    1. Thanks for all of the trip reports! I've just recently discovered the Alpine Lakes area, and it's great to have this information on hand!

      A quick question - Is Rooster Peak the same peak as the Ark? Different names for the same peak or separate points? If the same, have you ever tried it from the Marten Lake approach?


    2. Yes they are the same peak, there is a gully route via the Taylor river side and it could be done via marten lake as well. That route would be safer in winter. .I hope to head up to marten lAKe again this fall and cross over to cougar lake


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