Friday, July 15, 2011

A dog's life 2 7.14.11

After Tuesday's hike it was apparent Tanner was not doing well, but it seemed as the day wore on he was back to his old self. In fact the last mile I had a big smile on my face seeing him as I always have remembered him. I was even more optimistic when we returned home and he was free from stiffness and seemed fine. We quickly switched cars and made or way to Yelm to meet our new adopted dog. Tanner didn't seem to mind the new pup and the pub seemed to be ok with Tanner. In addition he was very good with the kids and even warmed up to me despite being abused by the chief male figure in his short life.

   Once home Tanner seemed like he was lapsing and was having some difficulty breathing. We had a tough time getting an appointment for Tanner in the morning and our vet wanted to wait a day. I told my wife to make an appointment at another vet to try to get this taken care of. After making an appointment at another vet and calling our vet to have the records sent over, our vet was able to reschedule us in earlier. The initial prognosis was not good. Tanner had a severe arrhythmia and the vet was amazed that he had made through the previous day's hike without collapsing. I was convinced that it was just a blood imbalance causing his heart to overheat. Tanner was kept over night and was stable. After the vet got him up to take him up in the morning he collapsed and the vet was unable to revive him.

  Tanner was an annoying dog but he made up for it with his strong heart and wonderful companionship in the hills over the last 9 plus years. Pushed to our limits time and time again he was always game and could never wait for the next week's adventure. I am very comforted in the fact that I was able to get him out for one last lap. With his malady it was apparent that he would never be able to join me in our shared passion. For him I am quite sure this was the best and this makes it bearable for me. I just have to stand back and look at life and how easily it can take away and in the same day gives us a new dog. I know there are questions that no one will ever have answers for and this is one that will stick with me. Some things go way beyond coincidence and I feel like there is something to be learned here. While the new dog seems to have already settled into his new home, after 4 hours, I doubt that he will be my next climbing partner. He seems to have a pelvic deformity that provides a small limp that intense exercise would likely be too much. He does seems to have distracted the rest of the family and that in itself is very good. I am left with the many memories and good times with my ever faithful companion may he find a endless hill to climb.

Tanner James I will miss you.

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  1. What a beautiful tribute to Tanner, Eric.


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